Arizona Attorneys for Business Valuations in Arizona.

If a business interest is a significant asset in your divorce, the value placed on that business interest can make a big difference in how you come out of your divorce. At S. Alan Cook, P.C., we can put our experience to work for you to help protect your interests.

Family-owned or spouse-owned companies can be difficult to value. In businesses that have numerous owners or shareholders, there are often significant assets tied up in them. Being able to speak the same language as other accountants and CPAs allows us to make sure the numbers are coming out right and fair. And, just because the business is your spouse's sole and separate property does not necessarily mean that you are not entitled to an equitable award from the court to compensate you for community efforts that went into that business. Types of businesses for valuation include:

  1. Closely held corporations
  2. S corporations
  3. C corporations
  4. Partnerships
  5. Sole proprietorships
  6. Limited liability companies (LLCs)
  7. Majority stock interests

Hire a Lawyer Who is Also a Former Practicing CPA

In our experience, divorcing couples often have a difference of opinion in terms of how much a family-owned business is worth. Often, one side says it's worth millions; the other side says it's worth nothing.

With the help of business valuation experts, Alan Cook can put his background as a former CPA to good use in helping you properly assess the value of a business. Attorney Cook speaks the language of CPAs and accountants and can work with them to create a compelling argument concerning the value of a business and how it might be divided. Proper valuation is essential in ensuring that you receive your fair share of the marital property in a divorce.

   Alan Cook and his legal team represented me in a very contentious divorce which saw many court appearances and negotiations. Alan and his staff always displayed highly professional behavior, demonstrated the utmost integrity and still had compassion for the human side of the legal matter. They tell you what they are going to do and then do it thoroughly and on time. Alan secured for me the best settlement possible. The highest recommendation I can give is I would use his services again.  

 - D.E.P., Previous S. Alan Cook Client