Arizona Attorneys for High Asset Divorce Cases.

Any divorce attorney can help you through the divorce process, but the attorneys of S. Alan Cook, P.C., do more. As a former CPA, Alan Cook understands the financial and tax consequences of the choices made during the divorce process.

The longer your divorce drags on, the fewer assets you will have left to divide in the end. That's the ugly truth of divorce. However, we will work with you to bring that difficult and expensive process to an end as expeditiously as reasonably possible. When you have real property (real estate, homes, condos, raw land), business interests, pension assets, stocks, stock options, LLCs, partnership interests, and other assets and debt issues, it gets complicated. We are particularly good at sorting out complicated divorces. We can work the numbers on your behalf to minimize the cost to you.

Experience With High Asset Divorce Cases

In any divorce, and particularly in high asset divorce, there are two important aspects to take into account in terms of complex property division:

  1. The time value of the money — meaning its present day value versus its future value.
  2. Tax consequences — for example, the money you have in a money market or IRA you withdraw now will result in income taxes. Factor in commissions to sell assets and you may want to rethink withdrawing money or selling assets.

With the experience of a former CPA, and with some experience handling criminal cases, Alan Cook and our team can help determine if there are questions that need to be investigated, such as hidden assets or fraudulent transfers of property, and we can look into potential criminal conduct, such as extortion.

The attorneys at S. Alan Cook, P.C., have handled thousands of high asset divorce cases and understand where the difficulties and the pitfalls may be.

Consulting for Unbundled Services and Offering Mediation

While divorce brings many strong emotions to the table, we are not a firm that will help clients who are merely out for revenge or wish to harass their former spouse. Aside from simply being unethical, it is our experience that pursuing those motivations doesn't make anybody feel better — and it becomes very expensive. We do not take "spite" cases; we take cases where clients have a reasonable objective and we can help them obtain satisfactory and lasting results. Our goal is to make your divorce experience as palatable as possible; it is not to cause pain to the other party.

We are happy to work with people in mediation, arbitration, or any other "out-of-court" forum — ironing out details of your divorce proactively through negotiation, rather than in court. We are also happy to consult for people who want to do their own case, or we will make an appearance in court on a client's behalf (what Arizona law calls a limited appearance).

At whatever stage you may be in a divorce, our lawyers strive to help the process go smoothly and educate you along the way, answering questions you may not even know to ask. When you talk with us, you will be given a wealth of information about divorce, as well as numerous options for potential resolutions.

   Alan Cook and his legal team represented me in a very contentious divorce which saw many court appearances and negotiations. Alan and his staff always displayed highly professional behavior, demonstrated the utmost integrity and still had compassion for the human side of the legal matter. They tell you what they are going to do and then do it thoroughly and on time. Alan secured for me the best settlement possible. The highest recommendation I can give is I would use his services again.  

 - D.E.P., Previous S. Alan Cook Client