Arizona Attorneys for Auto Accidents and Personal Injury Cases.

When you need someone to take on big insurance companies, you need a lawyer who is fearless. In addition to being an experienced lawyer and a former CPA, Alan Cook is a former Army helicopter pilot, so he knows something about facing difficult challenges without backing down.

Big insurance companies are big for a reason. They are successful businesses and they make money by paying out less in benefits than they take in as premiums. All too often, these insurance companies are slow to respond to personal injury claims, or they end up arbitrarily denying legitimate claims. It is also typical for insurance companies to make lowball offers in the hopes of getting injured people to settle for far less compensation than their claim is worth. On the other hand, they will also pay reasonable claims if they are presented properly.

Always at the Ready

While always ready to go to trial or to appeal a case, our attorneys rarely have to take personal injury cases all the way to trial. The reason? Our experience tells us that our clients are better served by reaching beneficial settlements before trial, rather than going through the time and expense of the trial process. Among other things, our fees are lower when we are able to settle a case.

We will martial our forces to build the strongest case possible in order to recover the compensation you are entitled to. We know clients involved in a personal injury case need to focus on getting better, not just on getting their case resolved. Let us take care of the legal issues while you recover from your injuries.

   Alan Cook and his legal team represented me in a very contentious divorce which saw many court appearances and negotiations. Alan and his staff always displayed highly professional behavior, demonstrated the utmost integrity and still had compassion for the human side of the legal matter. They tell you what they are going to do and then do it thoroughly and on time. Alan secured for me the best settlement possible. The highest recommendation I can give is I would use his services again.  

 - D.E.P., Previous S. Alan Cook Client