Arizona Attorneys for Marital Agreements.

In marital agreements, there are essentially two ways we can help clients:

  1. Creating a solid premarital (also called post-nuptial) or postmarital agreement.
  2. Litigating an improperly drafted prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Attorney Alan Cook has taught seminars and he has created numerous prenuptial agreements over the years, none of which have been successfully challenged in court. Clearly, the legal team at S. Alan Cook, P.C., provides legal counsel that stands the test of time.

Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's

When clients decide to create a prenuptial agreement, they want one that will stick. Clients need an attorney who can draft a contract that is enforceable and will protect their interests if a marriage were to end. And, all marriages end eventually even if the final cause is death. Prenuptial agreements are particularly important for persons of independent means and persons with children from previous relationships.

When a marriage ends, stepchildren, inheritances and trusts may all be involved. A client does not want to end up with buyer's remorse when it comes to a marriage contract. An experienced family law attorney can help you draft a solid and enforceable document that puts your mind at ease.

In divorce, one side will inevitably be more disadvantaged by the agreement than the other. At that point, one party may want the prenuptial agreement voided or set aside and one party will want it enforced. Often times, the income made at the start of the marriage is not being made at the end of a marriage.

In all cases, clients need a lawyer who has complete command of facts and the ability to help you plan for the future. We can help draft and/or defend a prenuptial agreement or litigate a marital agreement that was not created properly.

   Alan Cook and his legal team represented me in a very contentious divorce which saw many court appearances and negotiations. Alan and his staff always displayed highly professional behavior, demonstrated the utmost integrity and still had compassion for the human side of the legal matter. They tell you what they are going to do and then do it thoroughly and on time. Alan secured for me the best settlement possible. The highest recommendation I can give is I would use his services again.  

 - D.E.P., Previous S. Alan Cook Client